Providing safe and healthy homes for children of families in crisis.

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Program FAQs


  • Parent(s) participation is voluntary.
  • Parent(s) retain full custody.
  • There is no cost to the family requesting help. This is a FREE service.
  • Our program hosts children from ages 0-13. NOTE: Consideration is given to 14-17-year-olds who meet specific criteria.
  • Our program is not equipped to host children with high medical needs.
  • The length of stay for children in a host home depends on the family’s needs. Average length of stay is 3-5 days but can range from 2–30 days. NOTE: 30+ days of hosting may be approved.
  • We work in collaboration with a network of family-supporting services. Drawing on the strengths and expertise of each of these organizations, our professional staff helps families connect to these important services with resource connection, advocacy, and encouragement. Our program is designed to help give parents a network of support.