Providing safe and healthy homes for children of families in crisis.

About Section 2

A family in crisis may be referred to us by schools, hospitals, social workers, churches, law enforcement, or other community agencies. Our professional staff helps parents arrange for their children to stay with a pre-screened, trained, and approved host family until the critical issues have been brought under control.

Calling upon volunteers in local churches, the program extends and strengthens community services for families and children at risk. SRCF also partners with government agencies to provide helpful alternatives when a government-run foster care program is not appropriate for individual families.

SRCF and the referral source work with the parents to determine how quickly the family can be reunited and help resolve the problems that created the crisis. When it is possible, children stay with families in their own communities. They continue their education without interruption in a school near the host family’s home.

Safe Refuge for Children and Families is a 501c3 non-profit organization