Providing safe and healthy homes for children of families in crisis.

Safe Refuge for Children and Families provides a loving sanctuary where parents can safely and voluntarily place their children in times of need. Founded in 2002 by LYDIA Home Association, a Chicago-based Christian social service agency, Safe Refuge for Children and Families has partnered with the local church to grow to a network of over 1000 volunteer families serving more than 3000 children and families last year alone.

Successfully established in more than 25 states, Safe Refuge partners with host agencies, local churches, ministries, as well as community and government agencies to intervene in the lives of children and families that would otherwise be forgotten.

Safe Refuge for Children and Families Northern California was established in the Winter of 2010 with the purpose of supporting local Northern California families in crisis. Since then, families all over Northern California have volunteered their time, money, and homes to make sure that children in the community are spared the mental, physical, and emotional suffering that can happen during a crisis. These host families are screened and approved using best practices, but do not receive any compensation, serving purely out of generosity and compassion for other families that are dealing with hardship.

Join us in making a difference in the lives of the next generation.